Choyce Clean Catch Kits

       CM90-50 (with handles)                           CMW90-100 (without handles)

       CM90-100 (with handles)                         CMW120-100 (without handles)

       CM120-100 (with handles)

Choyce "EASY-HOLD" Handles

        CH-100 (box of 100 handles)

        CH-500 (case of 500 handles)

Choyce "Easy-Hold" Handles are the newest innovation from Choyce Products.
The "Easy-Hold" handle attaches to most any size specimen container and allows the patient to position the cup for easier urine collection. It accommodates children, women, men, people of size and the elderly. The "Easy-Hold" handle eliminates the propensity for patients to urinate on fingers and hands and thus reduces contaminated samples.









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